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Our expertise in regulatory and business requirements will guarantee the selection of the correct pharmaceutical machine intended for your needs. We set up the best requirements specifications in order to find the adequate and most efficient machine that will match your production processes.

Eye-tec has developed a sales support for BeNeLux companies thanks to several partnerships with high quality machine suppliers :



EYE-TEC represents the STEELCO & ICOS line of products. STEELCO & ICOS are Italian machine manufacturers, and are a reference point in the area of washing, sanitization and sterilization in the Pharma sector.



EYE-TEC represents the COMMENCER line of products. COMECER is an Italian machine manufacturer, which designs high-tec isolation technology.



EYE-TEC distributes and installs Lighthouse environmental monitoring systems for clean rooms, laboratoria and operating theaters. Lighthouse monitoring systems are developed for online registration of critical process parameters, like number of particles, temperate, pressure, flow, humidity, etc.. Typical applications are particle (non-viable) & viable monitoring systems for cleanrooms, filling lines, ….